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The website was recommended to me by an acquaintance. You can really save a lot of money on package deliveries, all only a few mouse clicks away.
Alex Oexle
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Simply "very good". Delivery via UPS would have cost three times as much from a local UPS Service Point.

Alexandra Haser
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User-friendly system

Congratulations. Fast to handle. Easy to use.
Delivery is fun this way.

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Our worldwide package services offer you logistics in their best form. This includes technical expertise as well as sophisticated equipment, ranging from a good warehouse infrastructure to the appropriate means of transport and a modern software, enabling us to serve a worldwide network. As our customer, you are just as much a part of this network as our cooperation partners – all of this in real-time: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We offer you logistics without borders, regarding both time and distance.

Everything in butter

For several centuries, logistical services were seen as a difficult sector with many challenges. After all, large distances had to be crossed via sailboats, horse-driven carriages or even by foot, which took weeks or even months. In addition, there were risks such as robbery or piracy, committed by those who turned the trade of goods into a form of gambling. At the same time, the “logisticians” of past centuries showed themselves to be adept entrepreneurs, as the saying “everything in butter,” which is still used today, proves. This figure of speech means that everything is alright, and is based on the use of butter to transport glass goods: During the Middle Ages, glassblowers from the Black Forest and Venice encased their finished products in liquid butter. This was then cooled, allowing the glass goods to be transported safely after the butter hardened. Even if no one at that time was concerned with protecting the environment, this kind of “packaging” was very clever, even from today’s perspective: Both the glass products and the butter could be sold at the shipment’s destination.

This small anecdote from the early days of the transport industry is just one example of the kinds of challenges logistics experts have had to deal with, both in the past and today, and how they adapt to them: with humour and intelligence.

Courier express package service

Today, the logistics industry, with its large amount of skilled workers and its broad spectrum of responsibilities, is among the biggest economic sectors in nearly every industrialised country. One of its responsibilities is the delivery of packages, generally referred to with the abbreviation CEP (courier express package service). This is merely a general term which stands for the various possibilities of getting a package from A to B.

The most unique form of transporting goods or documents is the courier service: a method known to many in the form of bicycle couriers in large cities. A courier service can however also traverse larger distances than those contained within the limits of a city. On airplanes, on-board couriers often cross entire continents in order to personally deliver a package. Not the most affordable form of transport, definitely, but still often inevitable in certain situations, such as when a piece of machinery in a remote country is inoperable and urgently needs a replacement part.

In Europe, with its very tight network of roads and railways, the responsibilities of the express and normal types of package delivery are becoming more and more intertwined. One exception is the night express, which is a special sector in which delivery takes place overnight. This makes sense for many companies, as they can use night times, which are less productive for many companies, to deliver certain goods which will be needed to begin work the next morning.

Modern package services, however, now provide a level of performance which almost equals that of the express service, as they also make use of night times for the preparation of packages. This is necessary because package shipping has become enormously important since the beginning of the digital age, and will only continue to grow. For instance, the delivery of an online order within 24 hours is no longer out of the ordinary, one within two days a well-established standard by now. However, one must not forget that package service providers also supply this services when the rush of orders reaches gigantic proportions, as is often the case before holidays. Just before Christmas, for example, several millions of shipments per day are nothing out of the ordinary.

Borderless package shipment

However, the shipment of goods is not completely without borders. The term “border” is, after all, usually a political demarcation comprising the territory of a state – and this can often be an obstacle. With the right technical expertise and experience, however, we can overcome this.

This exact issue is one of the responsibilities of our service partners: Shipping goods past borders to their recipients. This requires both the knowledge of customs regulations in both the exporting and importing country as well as, depending on the type of transport, the regulations of countries which are crossed in transit. For air deliveries, this can also mean a country’s air space.

The regulations of single countries alone, fill entire books in the international shipment of freight and goods – in addition, there are the policies of freight companies, which in turn are modelled after the relevant regional legislation. The exact knowledge on how to classify different kinds of freight is one of the crucial skills necessary in our industry. As our customer, you may consider many things you hope to ship to be completely harmless. Under certain circumstances however, the goods can be subject to certain restrictions. For example part of your shipment may be considered hazardous or be subject to a trade embargo.

What sounds like a complicated political process to the layman, is completely normal in the freight industry. Air freight companies fear so-called embargo lists on which certain goods are marked as banned from transport, export or import. The reasons for this vary widely. Most cases are about security matters. For example, many airlines do not allow certain acids or bases on their airplanes. Various countries have export bans on certain electronic components. Even if these are mostly exceptions to the rule, they appear again and again in the broader mass of shipments.

The daily business of our service partners involves finding the right transport route for your goods and overcoming any obstacles that may present themselves on the way. These obstacles include customs formalities as well as supply chains and, in some circumstances, unforeseen import policies unique to certain countries.  For this reason, it is convenient to be able to trust in an international network which has contacts in almost every country on the planet offering expertise on regional customs. Package delivery services as you know them in Europe can be vastly different in other countries. Package shipment without borders – that’s a complex responsibility, but one that can be solved and offers interesting and exciting opportunities, as international variety is reflected in the freight industry.

Networking is almost everything

As early as the 15th century, Italian brothers Francesco and Janetto dei Tasso recognised the benefits of a good network. Back then, they constructed a courier service for Maximilian I. of Habsburg. The defining characteristic was a network of stationary post offices. Here, documents or packages were passed on from one horseman or postal carriage to the next. Over the course of several centuries the “dei Tasso” family became the noble family of Thurn und Taxis, who introduced the first comprehensive working postal service in Europe.

Just as it was then, a smoothly running network of reloading points and forwarding administration are the key to the logistics industry. In this global association, mailing departments, freight companies involving various methods of transport, shipping companies, freight yards and warehouse companies are all tied together and use the digital data network to exchange information with one another. Shipping a package at the speed of light may not (yet) be possible, but this is the case for all information pertaining to it. This is a big advantage, not only for us, but also for you as our customer: The digital data network makes it possible for you to check where your shipment is at any time.

Status messages or messages in advance are just as important for us, as shipping freight also means having enough available space for shipping and storage. In this respect, the internet and global digital networking offer the advantage of letting us use means of transport more economically, and thus in a more environmentally friendly manner on the one hand, and always be able to calculate the volume needed for transport ahead of time on the other. At the same time, the digital customs registry in advance, the promptly preparation of shipping papers and the on-time hiring of the right carrier, facilitate a quick and smooth shipping process.

Everyone is online

The virtual world of the internet has an ever stronger grasp on our lives. We have to thank graphic interfaces, as they make the use of widely varying software programmes much easier. For instance, when you order with us, you can complete the entire ordering process online, from the comfort of your office, via smartphone or even at home on your sofa – at any time day or night. Sending a package is easier today than ever before. It’s very likely that the collection service of your package carrier will be at your door while you’re still fumbling with the packaging cord inside.

Logistics is more than transport

Today, a company’s logistics division is often one of its most successful segments. This is related to the increasing integration of various internal and external services: They produce a functioning logistics chain in which every link takes on a special role. This is always directed at the goal of providing the best possible supply of materials or goods. Naturally, this also includes package service providers, whose job begins where internal transport ends. Depending on the kind of working relationship, this intersection between production/trade companies and a package service provider can take shape in the form of in-house logistics which are deeply anchored in the processes of the respective company. These begin as soon as the product to be transported is still in production or in the warehouse. This means that both the service provider as well as the client can improve their own efficiency.

Money isn’t everything?

Adequate shipment, in addition to the price of package shipment, is naturally a further important criterion. In short: Part of our core expertise is offering you the best price-performance ratio. In doing so, we take your concerns into consideration in two different ways. Once with regard to price and once with regard to the safety of your shipment.

Both in package shipments as well as in other industries, offers from different providers differ in the details. One company may shine with exceptional collection services, while another may be known for particularly careful treatment of your freight. One company may have a worldwide distributor network, while another may present itself as a strong regional partner. Differences in price structures are based on the fact that package service providers do not always act as carriers for the entirety of the shipping process, but may outsource certain tasks to service partners, depending on the route of transport. Especially in international transport, this can involve certain risks.

Anyone shipping a package in Europe can easily assume that the recipient will have the delivery in his or her hands within a maximum of 4-5 days. With freight shipping outside of Europe, however, this degree of reliability depends on the traffic infrastructure of the destination country, which is often far below the European standard.


On a daily basis, we confront the challenge of providing you with the best possible service at a competitive price-performance ratio. With us, your shipment is in safe hands.