Introducing CollectDirect


Never before so many goods have been shipped worldwide as today. Online trade is booming, and online shops are becoming ever more attractive – however, the services offered by shipping carriers are almost incomprehensible in their entirety.

As they themselves became aware of the work involved in finding the ideal carrier on their own, Ramón Kluge and Zoltán Surina had the idea of revolutionising the shipping trade.

It should be possible in the future to ship goods without a large amount of work required beforehand. From this business idea, they developed the concept for their company.

With CollectDirect, the company’s owners have created a worldwide transport network allowing the user to find the fastest and most affordable shipping service provider in only a few steps. They created new opportunities for making global trade simpler.

In 2012, while on a train in Switzerland, they founded the company “CarrySwiss Kluge & Surina.” Later, they moved their company to Tägerwilen in the Swiss canton of Thurgau, where the company’s headquarters are located to this day.

With their innovative and committed team, they pursued the goal of developing a new generation of software in order to simplify the daily business of companies.

There is still much to do, to improve and to implement – let’s work together to reach these goals!


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How does shipping with CollectDirect work?


  • First, you create an offer using our online form. To do this, fill out our form with information on the location for the collection and delivery, as well as the size and weight of the shipment.
  • Our system will calculate the price of the shipment – including insurance, if you wish. You will then have the option of selecting the offer most suited to you.
  • Next, enter your collection and delivery addresses as well as your telephone number and email address in our online form.
  • After reading and accepting the terms and conditions and the revocation policy, you can choose from several methods of paying by credit card.
  • Your packages and documents will then be collected, simply and comfortably, by one of our delivery agents either at your home or at an address of your choosing.
  • The collection of your package can take place as part of our delivery routes between Mondays and Fridays at any time displayed in the offer.
  • The nature of delivery depends on the services you order: You have the option of booking a door-to-door delivery at various times. The goods will then be delivered on the next possible business day at the time you request.
  • With every order, you will receive a shipment number from us. You can use this number to check the status of your shipment at any time online.
  • In addition, you have the option of insuring your package or document shipment (recommended).
  • After your order is placed, you will receive a confirmation email from us containing your order’s specific data. In the email, you will also find a link you can use to download your invoice and your package label.


If you have any comments or questions, please do not hesitate to send us an email. We will be glad to help you.


Your CollectDirect team