Mali: Import and Customs Regulations


Accompanying documents:

Customs declaration(s):

  1. Packages:
    • Customs declarations CN 23 in English or French
  2. Letters containing goods and packets:
    • Customs Declaration CN 22 either in English or French;
      if the value of the goods exceeds 300 SDRs:
    • Customs declarations CN 23 in English or French


If no abuse is suspected, no invoice must be submitted for non-commercial mail.

Certificate(s) of origin: 

The origin must be proven for shipments exchanged under a preferred tariff system.


Small shipments to private persons

  1. Standard tax
  • The Customs Administration may impose a lump-sum tax on small consignments addressed to private persons if such consignments:
  • are occasional shipments
  • concern only goods which are reserved for the personal or family needs of the recipients and which, by reason of their nature or quantity, are clearly not intended for commercial purposes
  • do not have a high dutiable value

      2. Financial and Customs Allowances

          Small consignments may be imported without import duties and taxes.

          Foreign trade control formalities:

          The import of certain foreign goods may require the submission of a foreign trade document such as an 
          import license or import declaration.

All other customs regulations for shipping to Mali, please refer to the link

For telephone inquiries please contact the responsible customs office at +22 320 23 00 13

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