Spanien: Import and Customs Regulations


Accompanying documents:

Customs declaration(s)

- Not applicable.

Import licence(s): 

Required for certain goods

For shipments to recipients in Ceuta (postcodes 51... and Melilla (postcodes 53...) and in the Canary Islands (postcodes 35... and 38...:

  1. Packages:
    • Customs declarations CN 23 either in English, French or Spain
  2. Letters containing goods and packets:
    • Customs Declaration CN 22 either in English, French or Spain;
      if the value of the goods exceeds 300 SDRs:
    • Customs declarations CN 23 either in English, French or Spain

Certificate(s) of origin: 

Required for merchandise with the tax code of the sender and the recipient.

Import licence(s): 

For the import of living plants and parts of plants special health products are required (if necessary get information).

All other customs regulations for shipping to Spain, please refer to the link


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