Ukraine: Import and Customs Regulations


Accompanying documents:

Customs declaration(s):

  1. Packages:
    • Customs declarations CN 23 either in English, French, Russian or Ukrainian.
  2. Letters containing goods and packets:
    • Customs Declaration CN 22 either in English, French or Russian;
      if the value of the goods exceeds 300 SDRs:
    • Customs declarations CN 23 either in English, French or Russian


The customs administration disclaims the submission of an invoice for postal items without commercial value, regardless of their value, unless there is a suspicion of abuse.

Certificate(s) of origin: 

Evidence of the origin of goods exchanged under the preferential duty regime shall be provided.

Import licence(s): 

For imports of certain goods, a foreign trade control document may be required, e.g. an import permit or an import declaration, either stamped or not.

All other customs regulations for shipping to Ukraine, please refer to the link


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