FAQ - Frequently asked questions


CollectDirect stands for the simple, global shipping of documents and goods through our cooperation partners.

Yes, in order for us to carry out your order, we need to retain certain data such as your name, address, information on the recipient, the desired form of shipment, height, width, depth and the quantity of your shipments in our system. After your order is placed, the data is archived.

Yes. All shipments must be packed. You can find useful information under Tips.

After you complete your order, you will receive a confirmation e-mail from us containing all relevant data and a link you can use to download your invoice and package label.

The collection and delivery of your shipments take place Monday to Friday from 08:00 to 17:00 o’clock, as well as on Saturday between 9:00 and 15:00 o’clock for an additional price.

Yes, with express shipments. Here, you have four options:
Delivery: until 08:30 / until 10:00 / until 12:00 / until 18:00

Yes, you are free to choose the day of collection when you place your order. If you place an order before 19:00 o’clock, your shipment will usually be collected the next day. However, you also have the option of booking us up to 30 days in advance.
Please note!
The collection and delivery are not possible on recognized holidays.

Yes, you have the option of providing a telephone number when you place an order.

We work with different package carriers to provide an ideal price-performance ratio. You can choose the right carrier for you from the selection we offer.

Usually, all shipments inside one country are delivered within 1-2 business days.
For deliveries outside of your home country, you can view the predicted time of delivery in the offer.

No, you have to ensure that your shipment is adequately packed on your own.

Yes, your shipments are collected and delivered not only all over the country, but also all over the world if requested.

You can leave your shipment to be collected at your doorstep at your own risk (not recommended). If you choose to do so, please leave the driver a short message on the doorbell and the mailbox letting him/her know where you left the package.

The payment for your order is completed directly after your order is placed by credit card.

No, we do not take any orders for cash on delivery.

If you follow the shipping instructions, no further costs will be due. Please pay special attention to the maximum allowed dimensions for individual packages.

Yes, in order to avoid additional costs, we recommend that you weigh your shipment in advance. Packages above a certain size are weighed by volume. This weight can deviate from the actual weight of the package.

You can get a suitable box for packaging your shipment in any size you may need at your local post office.

No, orders are only accepted online.

Yes, you have the option of insuring your order.