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North America in Numbers


There are 23 independent states on the North American continent. With an area of 9.98 million square  kilometres, Canada is the second-largest country in the world, after Russia.


North America has a population of more than half a billion people.


North America is the third-largest continent in the world, after Asia and Africa, and spans an area of 24,930,000 square kilometres when including Greenland, the Central American land bridge and the Caribbean.


North America has a population density of 21 people/ km2

Do you have questions about shipments to North America?

Are customs fees applied?

With international package shipments, the recipient must pay customs fees before the package is released. The amount of customs fees varies from country to country.


Do I need documents when I ship my package internationally?

All packages, large or small, that are shipped internationally need a customs declaration describing their contents.

Always make your statements in English.

What value of the package do I have to indicate?

The value provided should correspond to the value of the package’s contents. You should be able to prove the value of your goods at any time via a receipt or an invoice.


Do I have to describe the contents of my package?

 The more exact your description is, the less likely it is that your package will be opened during customs processing.

Avoid general terms such as clothing or auto parts!

When dealing with multiple objects, always describe the contents of your package individually.

Always provide descriptions of contents in English.

Package delivery to North America

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The logistic details when shipping to North America

  • In order for your package to reach its destination in North America without any issues, you should inform yourself of the general terms and conditions of each individual country beforehand.
  • You can find all necessary information on each country in its respective link found in the customs regulations.
  • Thanks to new legislation raising the de minimis limit for incoming international shipments in the USA to $800, shipping to the USA has been made considerably simpler.
  • This means that any shipment to the USA worth less than $800 neither requires a customs declaration nor is subject to taxes.
  • However, you should keep in mind that certain items can be inspected by the US government regardless of value, and therefore require a formal customs declaration.