How do I correctly ship my goods?

In order for the shipment to reach its destination securely, it is necessary to pack everything correctly: Always use suitable packaging materials and make sure to adequately cushion fragile materials. While in transit, the goods will be processed by automated sorting facilities. This stage of shipment carries a particularly high risk of damaging goods that have not been adequately packed, whether this is due to them being pressed against other objects, smashed or dropped.

Tips for correct packaging:


  • Use stable packaging with suitable padding such as polystyrene or Styrofoam.
  • Use high-quality tape, but avoid using too much of it. When shipping outside of the country, it is possible that customs will have to open your package to inspect its contents.
  • The shipping certificate should be attached to the flat side of your package; the delivery address and barcode may not be concealed!

Tip: We recommend you include a copy of the delivery certificate with the package in order for the delivery to remain possible, even if the original copy is lost.

  • It is recommended to wrap sharp and small items supplementary with paper or cardboard, and that you pack liquid containers in plastic bags.


When using wooden packaging materials, please make sure the wood has been heat-treated before using it for deliveries – many countries require this in the hopes of preventing wood pests from entering. If you fail to do so, this can lead to a delay in your shipment, extra fees, or even your shipment being returned.

Important note:
Please make sure there are no hazardous or prohibited materials in your shipment. As only you and, if existant, your sender know the contents of your shipment, you are fully responsible!